Ready to join a cannabis club?

Joining a club is relatively straightforward. Just follow the steps below and you’ll receive your invitation to one of the clubs below:

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How to make sure your appointment goes smoothly

do not show up without an invitation

In order to be accepted, you will need to show your invitation at reception. The invitation will be sent to you shortly after you select a club from the list below

If you can't attend. please cancel your appointment

Showing up to an appointment is a big deal. If you can’t attend, Just cancel the appointment which can be found in your invitation email. 

Don't speak to street promoters

Don’t speak to street promoters. Buying from the street is Illegal in Barcelona and often leads to robberies, or best case… a very poor quality cannabis club. 

What Are Your Legal Rights As A Cannabis Club Member?

It’s important to realize that so long as the cannabis club itself is operating within the parameters of the law, then you are protected as as a cannabis club member. You are also required to comply with the rules of the club in order to have legal protections as a member. As soon as you break the rules, then you’re no longer protected as a member of the club.

You have the right to consume cannabis on the premises. It is not illegal for you to consume cannabis in a private space, and a cannabis club is the perfect private, members only spot that you can do that. By consuming cannabis on the premises, you’re not in violation of any Spanish law.

You are also well within your legal rights to join a cannabis club. There is nothing illegal about becoming a member. As we mentioned earlier, there are certain compliance rules as a member (such as discretion, keeping cannabis on the premises etc) that are conditions of being a member. It is important to adhere to these.

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