Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Clubs In Barcelona- The 2020 Guide

If you are reading this article, it’s because you’ve heard about the legal cannabis clubs in Barcelona. It’s true. There is a vibrant and diverse cannabis counter-culture hidden behind closed doors in the Catalonian capital. So how do you request an invitation to a cannabis club in Barcelona? In this guide we’ll take you through everything you need to know about the legal cannabis club scene in Barcelona, how to apply for a cannabis club membership and how to get weed in Barcelona in 2020.

On this page:

  1. The current cannabis laws in Barcelona and Catalonia
  2. How to get a membership at a cannabis club in Barcelona
  3. The basics of getting membership to a Barcelona Cannabis Club
  4. Barcelona Cannabis Clubs do’s & do not’s
  5. Things to consider about joining a Barcelona Cannabis Club
  6. Should you join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona ?

1. The Current Cannabis Laws in Barcelona and Catalonia

Under current Spanish law you can do a lot in your own home without the police taking much interest. The legality of cannabis in Spain only becomes an issue if you are caught in possession, smoking or distributing it in a public place. It’s legal for an individual to have up to two ounces for personal consumption. Although if you are caught with this on the street then the police can issue administrative fines. The police don’t need a warrant to search your pockets in Spain. However, they do need one to search your underwear. So that’s probably a better place to stash your weed.

The laws around cannabis clubs in Barcelona date back to 1993. At this time the laws were not clear and pro-cannabis groups in Spain challenged the government. It took a decade of legal wrangling and several pro-cannabis groups failed attempts to harvest cannabis to get things a bit clearer. In 2003 Spain’s Supreme Court issued several rulings which defined the law on cannabis clubs in Spain in clearer terms. Then in 2015 the laws were adjusted further to allow individuals to grow cannabis privately in their own homes. In short, as long as it is not going on in a public place or visible from a public place – it’s legal.

The recent shift in Barcelona’s political situation hasn’t really affected the cannabis club scene in Barcelona. The movement for Catalonian independence has meant that the local Catalan government is no longer in charge and all laws are in the hands of the main Spanish government. Which means that for the foreseeable future the laws on cannabis in Barcelona remain the same.

2. How To Get Membership At A Cannabis Club In Barcelona

So how do you get legal weed in Barcelona in 2020? The truth is that joining a cannabis club in Barcelona is relatively simple. There are many clubs and all you need to do to get membership at a legal cannabis club is apply. Many of the Barcelona cannabis clubs have websites where you can request membership. There are some that will be harder to get membership and for this you will need a friend to invite you. If you are a Barcelona cannabis club tourist it is unlikely you will hear about these more exclusive clubs. So best to focus on the clubs where it is easier to get membership. If they have a website or Facebook page, then they are open to new members.

3. The basics of getting membership to a Barcelona Cannabis Club

  • DO NOT join club that promotes on the streets

Spain is one of the most relaxed and tolerant countries in Europe where weed is concerned – so follow the rules. If a promoter is on the street trying to get you in to their cannabis club, then they don’t care about the law. This also probably means they don’t care about the quality of their weed. You can be assured that the more exclusive and professional the cannabis club is the better the weed will be.

  • You will need to provide a photographic I.D.

No legal cannabis club in Barcelona will permit you to become a member without providing I.D. In my experience they will also want to take a photo of you for their records. This is so they can check who is in the club and provide details to the police if there is a problem. There is no getting around it so you should just accept that is the situation. It’s better to have your I.D. scanned and buy weed legally in Barcelona. Buying weed from a dodgy street seller on Las Ramblas is not a good idea.

  • You will ALWAYS be charged a membership fee.

In order to be a member of any cannabis club in Barcelona, you need to pay an annual membership fee. In most cases this will be twenty euros. If you are really lucky, find a good club or are friends with someone who is well connected… you might get it for ten euros. This is rare though and the standard will be twenty. If a cannabis club tries to charge you more then it’s best to avoid that club. It’s probably only concerned with making money and not in the quality of its cannabis.

  • Got proof of address in Barcelona? Congratulations! You get a red keyring which gets you cheaper weed!

Many cannabis clubs in Barcelona require proof of address in Spain. Some however do not. Chances are if you are a tourist or from out of town then you won’t get one of these. If you find a club that is willing to give you one without proof of address or a NIE (Spanish tax number) then you have struck gold.

  • Some clubs will want you to present I.D. every time you visit.

I’ve found this to be different with every club you visit. Some cannabis clubs will allow you to walk in with just a wave of a membership card when you visit. However, some will want to scan your keyring and see your I.D. every time. Really it comes down to how they run their business. The ones who are checking your details every time you visit probably care a little more about staying within the law and creating a comfortable smoking environment.

  • As a tourist or visitor to Spain you CAN join.

There is nothing in the Spanish law that says someone from outside Spain is not allowed to join a cannabis club in Spain. Joining a cannabis club in Barcelona as a tourist is perfectly legitimate. I will point out the obvious though. You are going to pay higher prices and you will find it harder to get membership to the good cannabis clubs. My advice is to do your online research first and pick a good one. Most have Google and Facebook reviews.

4. Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Do’s & Don'ts

  • DON’T ask questions at the desk when joining!

Becoming a member of a cannabis club in Spain is still a process riddled with legal grey areas. Until you are a member of the club they cannot promote the club to you. That means they can’t answer any question that could potentially be promotional. Once you are a member you will find that most of the clubs are very helpful. Don’t put them in a compromising position by asking questions at the front desk though.

  • DO help yourself to free rizla and roach card

Every single Barcelona cannabis club I’ve been to has free rizla papers and roach card next to the weed counter. Help yourself. A good club will provide you with everything you need to smoke. All the tables will have grinders and the good clubs usually have lighters dotted around as well.

  • DON’T use financial or purchasing related words

The cannabis clubs in Barcelona can’t sell you weed. You can ‘get’ weed. You can ‘have’ some marijuana. You can’t buy it though. As a member of the club you are contributing to the cannabis grown by them and paying for your share. Don’t be the person that puts them in a compromising position. Just ask if you can get some. That’s all you need to say.

  • DO ask for paraphernalia and advice

Most of the weed clubs in Barcelona I frequent will let you ask as much as you like about the weed when you are a member. They know whether their strains are indica or sativa dominant. They’ll give you advice on bongs, pipes and any other smoking related paraphernalia they may have available. In short, the good ones are super friendly. You would be too if all you had to do all day was smoke weed and talk about it with friendly strangers.

  • DON’T mix up the ashtray and the mixing bowl

Pretty much all cannabis clubs in Barcelona in 2020 have a mixing bowl and an ashtray on each table. One is a small glass bowl and one is an ashtray. Don’t be the annoying person who uses the glass bowl as an ashtray. You aren’t smoking in your mate Dave’s bedroom now. It’s really annoying for those who like to use the bowls – so don’t be that person.

  • DO take along food and drink

This was something that I was concerned about when I first signed up for membership at a Spanish cannabis club. Can you take in your own food and drink? My experience is yes. They are there to provide a safe place to smoke and enjoy your cannabis. They aren’t trying to make themselves millionaires from the vending machines. You can take in whatever food or drink you like. I’ve seen people eating a full takeaway in a Barcelona cannabis café before. It’s not like an Amsterdam cannabis café. They are just there to provide the weed and create a nice environment. They aren’t trying to sell you coffees or steaks as well.

  • DON’T buy weed FOR anyone outside or FROM anyone outside

If it isn’t clear already: the use and possession of cannabis in a public place in Barcelona is a crime. So is giving cannabis to a friend. The police deem it to be trafficking. Therefore, keep all your cannabis related activity inside the club. Standard administrative fines for cannabis related offences in Barcelona are around 500 euros. Trafficking can land you in court. If your friend wants some weed, then invite them to be a member of your local cannabis club. As a member yourself you can invite them to join.

5. Things to Consider About Joining a Barcelona Cannabis Club

  • Legal Limits per person

The legal limit that any person can obtain from a single cannabis club in Barcelona is around two ounces per month. That is also the maximum amount a person can possess before it becomes a crime under Spanish law. If you are smoking more than this, it’s probably best to get a new hobby. You have too much free time.

  • Where the weed comes from

I frequent a few clubs and they all claim to produce the cannabis and hash themselves. I am not 100% sure about the validity of these claims as you do see the same strains in different clubs. It’s very easy to spot a good Barcelona cannabis club though. They will be the ones who have unique strains and their weed will taste, smoke and smell better.

  • Prices

If you are a tourist you will pay higher prices. The standard figure I see is 30% more. It may be frustrating but that’s the deal with cannabis clubs in Barcelona. If you are lucky enough to get a red keyring and you also find a good club then you may find you can get weed in Barcelona for as little as 7 euros a gram.

  • It may take time to find the right club for you

The first few clubs I joined were constantly playing trap music. It wasn’t the relaxed smoking environment I was looking for. The main Barcelona cannabis club I frequent now has much better music. It also has a dart board, a projector and is run by some lovely Italians. The truth is you probably won’t find the right cannabis club for you straight away. Unless of course you do your research beforehand.

  • Some clubs are aimed at tourists

Cannabis club tourism in Barcelona in 2020 is a growing industry. Therefore, there are many clubs around that are just there to overcharge tourists for low-quality weed. If you are planning a cannabis holiday to Barcelona then do your research and don’t get ripped off. Many of the clubs will give their members free weed for good reviews so be sure you pay attention to the bad reviews when researching online.

6. Should you join a Cannabis Club in Barcelona?

Should you join a Barcelona cannabis club in 2020? That’s a silly question – of course you should! It’s a perfectly safe and legal thing to do. It’s not against the law to join a cannabis club in Spain and it’s also a very nice experience. If you can find a cannabis club you like, then it is also a great new way to make friends and socialise. I’ve found a new love for darts and met a whole host of interesting people since joining a Barcelona cannabis club. Just remember to be respectful, don’t draw attention to the club and most importantly…. Don’t tap your ash in the mixing bowls.

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