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Dragon Cannabis Club

Good location, Very friendly stuff, Quality products

Dragon cannabis club is a stalwart of the Barcelona cannabis coffeeshop scene. It is always top of internet results when searching for cannabis clubs in Barcelona and with good reason. It has been a reliable weed café for many of the locals and visitors to Barcelona a long time.

It has a great location that is easy to find for new visitors to the city. Very close to El Born, Arc de Triumf and Parc de la Ciutadella. It is easy to get an invitation to this cannabis club and they have not tried to increase the weed prices or fees with high demand. It’s not the cheapest place to get weed in Barcelona but it is consistent.

We’re writing this article in February 2018 (updated on 11.03.2023) and just within the last few days it’s undergone a few major changes. The details of this article should still be relative to the club affectionately called ’74’ by the frequent visitors but the name and location may be changing. According to an email we received in the last few days, officially Dragon Cannabis Club has moved to ‘Carrer del Bruc, 58’. What that means for the future of 74, only time will tell, but we’ll update this article when we have a clearer picture.

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Atmosphere – 3/5

The atmosphere has always been pretty good at Dragon Cannabis Club. This is in large part due to the international nature of it’s clientele. It always has people from a range of countries enjoying a smoke amongst good company. Like a good bar in an international city, there is always good conversation to be found at DCC.

I’ve personally met people from most of the major continents around it’s low-slung tables and sofas. There’s also a healthy number of Spanish visitors which tells you it’s not just there for the cannabis tourist trade. The locals enjoy this place for it’s good quality weed and friendly service.

My only real gripe with DCC has been the music they play. Most of the time you will usually be listening to trap music. This is very much a local thing I’ve found. If you spend enough time in Barcelona cannabis clubs, what you’ll realise is that most Spanish weed smokers seem to listen to trap music. This has always seemed a little bizarre to me as Barcelona is probably one of the least gangster cities I’ve ever been to, but it’s what is popular right now. In some ways it makes sense, as the music itself is very chilled but personally I’ve always found the genre a little aggressive – particularly the tracks you’ll hear in most Barcelona weed cafes.

Hit up DCC late at night or in the first few hours though and you will hear a good selection of chilled-out early 90s hip-hop. The music is generally controlled by the staff from what I can gather and that’s something that you’ll find varies depending on the cannabis club. Some clubs let their members get involved with the music and others prefer to keep things consistent. I have seen members putting on music in Dragon Cannabis Club before, but when I’ve asked to put on some tunes the staff have tended to keep charge of it themselves. All clubs do their music policy differently. If you go for a smoke late at night though, things are generally a little more chilled.

Location – 5/5

Personally, I think the Dragon Cannabis Club has one of the best locations in BCN. It’s not too far from anywhere and it’s also very easy to find. If you want to go for a walk in the Parc de la Ciutadella, then it will only take you a few minutes to walk there. This will also lead you very nicely down to the beach without too much effort or confusion (although it will take you 30 to 40 minutes to walk). You can easily just wander around the nicer tourist areas of Barcelona, whilst avoiding busy areas like Las Ramblas.

It’s also really close to both Arc de Triumf and Urquinaona Metro stations. So if you want to hop on the Metro and chill at Parc Guell or Bunkers del Carmel, it’s very easy to navigate your way from DCC. Arc De Triumf is also on the Renfe line – the other train system in Barcelona that isn’t the Metro – so you can head up to the Costas Brava for quieter beaches or to the airport if you need to catch a flight. Really convenient if you are a weed tourist visiting BCN in the summer time. Dragon Cannabis Club is also at the top of the El Born district. El Born is without a doubt one of the coolest areas of Barcelona. This means after getting ridiculously high you can enjoy a walk or a skate around this extensive system of alleyways and trendy bars (if you do skate this area is particularly great for exploration).

During the daytime El Born has some unique clothes, art and trinket shops to explore. Most importantly though, it has several decent pizza shops within very close proximity. So, you can get high, roll out the door and eat cheap pizza! Heaven!

Strains – 5/5

Dragon Club's Offer
Dragon Club’s Offer

I particularly enjoyed the Hugh Hefner strain on my many visits to Dragon Cannabis Club. It’s a nice sativa dominant strain and not too expensive. While the best strains at Dragon Cannabis Club aren’t anything to shout about – they are reliable. You won’t complain about anything you smoke here. Most of the strains will be familiar to regular smokers and they have some good hash as well.

I didn’t see any mind-blowing strains in my visits, but I also didn’t see anything I wouldn’t be more than happy smoking. They have good, reliable weed strains and that is something you can’t take for granted in Barcelona. There are plenty of horrible strains about if you go to the wrong cannabis club.

Staff – 4/5

The people that run Dragon Cannabis Club for its members are all very nice. There are some familiar faces you’ll see regularly and they all speak great English. Most of them are Spanish and I think that’s probably why they have quite a strong number of locals who visit the club. I’ve never seen them speaking any other languages though, which is a shame for such an international city like Barcelona.

Many weed clubs in BCN have staff who speak multiple languages which can make it a much less stressful experience for our other European and international amigos. With the recent changes at 74 this may be different soon, but for the meantime if you speak Spanish or English you will get along just fine.

A few of my Barcelona friends have become quite friendly with the staff so they are super friendly with us and very accommodating. Having said that, I’ve even seen them be very nice and accommodating with the most irritating weed tourists – so I think they are just genuinely very nice people. Good effort DCC!

Facilities – 4/5

The main facility available at this Barcelona coffeeshop is the gaming setup. There is fierce competition for it as well! On last check it was ten euros for an hour. They have a decent size screen and multiple consoles hooked up with a selection of decent games. Although the main game I have seen people playing is FIFA! If you like football games and can hold your own then this is probably a great club for you. You are sure to meet some fellow gamers who will test your skills.

Aside from the gaming setup, DCC has all the usual stuff you expect to find in a Barcelona coffeeshop. It has vending machines with soft drinks, sugary snacks and Estrella beers. No pool table but a wide array of bongs. They do also have an electronic dartboard, which is a great game to play whilst high. I’ve never seen anyone using it but I’m sure the crew running MBC will get it switched on if it’s not running. 

Quirks – 5/5

As with many cannabis clubs in Barcelona you’ll pay extra if you are a tourist. If you have a proof of residency then it will get a little cheaper. The standard mark up for non-residents is 30%. This may sound a little bit expensive but believe me it is standard for Barcelona weed clubs. If you can prove residency though you will get the fabled red keyring and things get cheaper.

One thing that is simpler in comparison to other weed clubs in BCN is that they are a bit more relaxed about I.D. once you are a member. In many clubs you need to show both your membership card (or keyring) and your identification every time you visit. At DCC, once you have registered with your I.D. and they have your details on their computer you can just take your membership card. It’s only a small thing but it does make life as a weed smoker in BCN a little simpler.


Dragon Cannabis Club is a very reliable coffeeshop. It’s hard to say how relevant this article will be going forward. As of February 2018, they seem to be moving their premises to a new location. In the last few days they have sent an email to its members advising people of a new location. Although only a few days ago I visited the club and it looked like it had been refurbished a little – so who knows what is happening!

All I can say though is that ’74’ is a great little spot for a weed coffeeshop. If the location remains an active cannabis café then that would be great news for marijuana fans in Barcelona.

We’ll update this article in the future when we find out the exact situation with Dragon Cannabis Club. In the meantime, you can request an invitation to join the cannabis club at the new premises through their regular website. I’m sure that if DCC have a new location then it will still have a great atmosphere and the staff will be as helpful as ever!

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