CHOKO Barcelona

Choko Barcelona is a rare gem among cannabis clubs in Barcelona. It lacks the drab, dingy feel that many Barcelona clubs have opted for. Instead, Choko is an art lover’s dream; not just a place to get stoned, but a place to really appreciate local artists.

Address: Carrer de les Jonqueres, 13
21 +
Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 12pm – 12am
Nearest Metro: Urquinaona (1 min walk)

It has been almost 30 years since the first cannabis club was opened in Barcelona, and since then, attending one of these clubs has been a popular pastime for both locals and tourists. Over the years, the number of cannabis clubs has grown to over 500 across the country, despite some of the challenges that clubs have confronted with respect to legalities. But still – not all cannabis clubs were created equal.

Choko Barcelona is a rare gem among cannabis clubs in Barcelona. It lacks the drab, dingy feel that many Barcelona clubs have opted for. Instead, Choko is an art lover’s dream; not just a place to get stoned, but a place to really appreciate local artists.

If you’ve ever walked down Las Ramblas, you would have been confronted many times by loiterers trying to sell you a membership to a local cannabis club. Naturally, the influx of tourism for the sake of cannabis led to this kind of illegal marketing, and many shady, unappealing clubs popped up all over the place. Choko is not one of those clubs, and that’s why when you find a cannabis club like Choko you should count your blessings.

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About Choko Barcelona

Choko is famous for being an artist’s dream, covered in great decor, Moroccan style couches and great chillout music. The vibe is creative, relaxed and welcoming. Choko is also well known for having a genetics team responsible for the club’s very own strain: Choko, a potent sativa. Aside from this, the staff are extremely friendly, and the place is perfectly set up for working, hanging out with friends or even just for a solo visit.


The decor of Choko is really something to enjoy. The walls are covered in paintings created by local artists, and the hallways and staircases are adorned with sculptures. The paintings themselves are thought-provoking, some with a political meaning and others with a more philosophical basis.

The place boasts enormous lounging areas with Moroccan style couches and low tables, perfectly arranged to sit down with a laptop or share a joint with friends.

The winding staircases, dim lighting and colorful paintings make Choko a stoner’s paradise. There are no hard, wooden chairs in this cannabis club. It’s made for the kind of person who likes to relax with their joint and lounge around on pillows and couches.

Whoever decorated Choko definitely did so with an artistic flair. It really stands out compared to other cannabis clubs in Barcelona which sometimes don’t put any effort into their decor at all.

How's the vibe?

If you’re going to be hanging out somewhere smoking weed, the vibe is always important. At Choko, the vibe is definitely a relaxed one rather than a party place. The music is always chill and the staff are extremely friendly. Plus, the lighting and artwork really create a vibe for chilling out, being creative, listening to music or even just time for thinking. It is a discrete, professional place for smoking weed rather than being a huge tourist hub.

Even the exterior of the building is discreet, with just one very incognito sign saying “Choko”. Other than that, it looks like any other industrial building in Barcelona. It makes arriving and leaving easy so that the rest of Barcelona doesn’t know what you’re up to.

For the most part, the vibe at Choko is like an “after work drinks” kind of place. It’s pretty tame, discreet and chilled out. The option to buy food also makes this place a bit more relaxed and friendly. If you’re looking for a place to party, Choko definitely isn’t it.

Where is Choko Located

The location of Choko certainly doesn’t disappoint. It’s a mystery they managed such large chillout areas given the central location on Carrer de les Jonqueres. It is located right in the middle of everything, with Plaza Catalunya on one side and the Barcelona Zoo on the other side. The beach and Gothic Quarter are just a stone’s throw away, making Choko the perfect place to duck in for a smoke before having a night out on the town. Heck, if you wanted to blaze up before going sightseeing around the Gothic Quarter, that would also be fun!

If you’re heading into Choko on public transport, it’s easy enough to walk from Plaza Catalunya. Otherwise, there are multiple public transport options that arrive in Carrer de les Jonqueres, depending on where you are coming from.

How is the Product Quality at Choko?

The product at Choko is arguably what this club is the most famous for – and rightfully so, because it’s a cannabis club after all. Aside from keeping up to date with new and wonderful strains like OG Kush, Jack Herer and Critical Mass, the team at Choko has developed their very own strain. Choko strain is said to be an extremely potent sativa. And of course, the only place you can get it is… Choko!

Choko also stocks hashish and iceolator. Interestingly, they sometimes still serve shatter, which is a rarity in Barcelona cannabis clubs.

Naturally, there’s a big variety of rolling papers, pipes and house bongs. They sell pre-rolled joints (mixed, in true European fashion), grinders, lighters and basically any other cannabis paraphernalia you might need. Beer, wine and tapas are also on the menu, making Choko one of the best all-round cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Choko is definitely worth paying a visit, especially if you’ve become a little bored of the rest of the clubs in Barcelona and are looking for something a little bit different. Choko oozes class, but not in a pompous kind of way. It oozes class in a modern, organic kind of way that makes you want to hang out there all night, blazing up and listening to great tunes.

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