Cannabis in Barcelona – A Quick Guide

Cannabis Clubs – Quick Tips and Recommendations:

  • Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona are non-profit associations made up of members whose purpose is to organise the cultivation of a limited amount of cannabis to satisfy each member’s personal needs.
  • All members must be over the age of 18
  • You need to be a referred by an existing member in order to join a cannabis club. No walk-ins allowed.
  • most places only serve packaged food and drinks
  • some places sell alcohol but most do not
  • The fastest way to get membership and access to any club is through the application form.
  • Members pay an annual fee ranging between 20-50 EURO
  • Most Cannabis Clubs are open from 12pm to 12am 7 days a week
  • You do not “buy” weed at a Barcelona cannabis club but rather “contribute” to the growth and simple get your share. Be sure not to use the terms “buy” as you may be corrected quite quickly.
  • Do not wait out the front of a club before your membership appointment, arrive just on time and make your way in.
  • You will need a passport or valid form of ID, an address in Spain. Not a Hotel.
  • Our Favourite club in Barcelona for 18 + is BCN Cannabis Club
  • The best website to review cannabis clubs is
  • The best cannabis club in Eixample is Choko Barcelona

If you’re looking for a marijuana-friendly destination in Europe, then Barcelona is the place for you. Nestled amongst the city’s legendary sights, there are more than 200 private cannabis clubs in Barcelona and all you have to is to become a member.

Although it may sound simple, this isn’t simply a case of showing up and lighting up. There are a number of things you need to know before you can become a member of these fine establishments. Our brief guide gives you the lowdown on joining a cannabis club in Barcelona.

Snapshot of Cannabis in Barcelona

Cannabis consumption in private spaces has been legal in Spain for nearly 20 years, as the police are not authorized to reach homes or privately owned premises. However, Spain isn’t sufficiently chilled to let you get stoned in public! If the police catch you smoking weed in a public setting, they will confiscate it. It’s easier to compare the experience to a coffee shop in Amsterdam.

If you’re caught you’ll be fined and if you’re packing large quantities you’re in big trouble. The best place to keep your stash is in your underwear as authorities aren’t allowed to poke around down there. But why take the risk when there are numerous venues to practice the art of consuming marijuana? A range of cannabis clubs can cater to your needs, whatever your budget. Read on to find out how to join a cannabis club.

Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona – How They Work

The most important thing to remember is that cannabis clubs in Barcelona are homegrown operations, not big businesses. Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona don’t publicize themselves on the whole and some who work with street promoters often are linked to poorer quality product and the club may also lack the quality that others have. These clubs aren’t operating for profit, you’ll more likely feel like a guest in someone’s house rather than arriving at a Starbucks.

Which brings us to the next essential point: you aren’t really a customer when joining a cannabis club. Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona require members to pay an annual membership fee.  Prices range from €20 – €50.

The smaller the subscription, the less likely you are to receive a quality product. Sourcing is a big issue. Weed is grown on the premises and you’re paying for your share in a coalition-type deal. However, club organizers do source from elsewhere to maintain supply. Where that comes from isn’t under your control so watch out for that if you’re joining a cannabis club. Don’t boast that you’re part of a cannabis coalition by the way. Members are encouraged to keep things on the down-low.

Who can join a Cannabis Club?

A passport or similar ID is an essential when joining a cannabis club. The club will expect a Spanish address, though don’t worry too much about this. It’s a formality as much as anything. Hotel addresses aren’t valid but as long as it’s residential and the owner is down then you’re golden. Age is a significant factor with limits ranging from 18 – 21 minimum.

Referrals are the most direct route to join a cannabis club. You’re becoming part of a private culture and people like to know you’re one of their own. It may sound a little clandestine but think about it. If you’re holding a house party you’re not just going to let anyone in.

In terms of finding someone who’ll vouch for you, it doesn’t have to be a best bud. This applies particularly if you’re a tourist looking for that special branch of Spanish hospitality. Why not strike up a chat with some people? Barcelona is a very welcoming environment. The worst that can happen is the person isn’t into weed and you wind up having a nice beer or coffee. The best outcome is that they’ll give you some pointers on where to go and who to talk to. You can also find some people willing to put in a good word for you online. Just watch out for street promoters as the clubs that they promote are usually of a much lower quality or could be dangerous.

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