Cannabis Clubs of Barcelona – WeedBud Review


If you’re looking for a unique cannabis experience in Barcelona, WeedBud can definitely satisfy. What makes this club different is the history and style expressed through the decor. You’ll also find some of the nicest strains in this cannabis club – but what you’ll really be hanging out there for is the great vibe.


Cannabis clubs in Barcelona sometimes err on the simple side, where weed is the main attraction. However, at WeedBud, weed is not the only attraction, making it a place you can hang out even with friends who don’t necessarily smoke weed.


Where Is It? 


Located on Carrer de Floridablanca, WeedBud is pretty much smack bang in the centre of Barcelona. The Plaza is just a short bus ride away, while the club itself is slightly outside of the busiest parts of the city. The location really is the perfect mix of convenience and centrality.


Carrer de Floridablance is in San Antoni, neighbouring Barcelona’s famous El Raval suburb. It is well known for its alternative and chilled out vibe, good food and jam packed with bars. It’s easy to get around from San Antoni, also making this club perfectly located for tourists.


The Barcelona Vibe


If you’re heading to WeedBud, the thing that’s really going to impress you is the vibe. What’s interesting is that this vibe is totally created by the uncovered brickwork, antique tables and exquisite lounging furniture. They took no shortcuts when designing this club, and there are definitely no cheap tables or lounges around.


The vibe of WeedBud is style. If you’re a local with a friend visiting, this is the kind of place you would take them to impress. If you’re a tourist, it’s the perfect place to get a taste of Barcelona’s historical and classy vibe.




WeedBud is home to some of Barcelona’s finest cannabis strains. In fact, it is something that this club is extremely proud of. In WeedBud, you might find some specialty, seasonal strains that you won’t find in other clubs. However, you never know until you get in – so no promises are being made here.


As with every other cannabis club, you can find weed and hash as well as other extracts such as BHO. You also have access to rolling papers and other smoking paraphernalia such as bongs and pipes.


For those who like their weed with some refreshments, they also sell beverages at WeedBud.


How Much Does It Cost?


A 12 month membership to WeedBud costs 20 euros, making it one of the more expensive clubs to join. However, that’s not without reason. Centrally located and as well decorated as it is, the membership fee is expected.


Once you’re inside, the range of products range in price. There is quite a nice selection of products to choose from, so depending on what kind of cannabis user you are, prices will vary. For those who don’t mind spending a little more money, specialty products and strains are available. And for those who don’t need something special, there are also affordable cannabis products you can buy!


A Club That Oozes History & Style


When you walk into WeedBud, you’ll instantly understand why you chose that place. It is one of the few cannabis clubs of Barcelona that is put together with so much style and finesse. There’s literally no way someone can walk into WeedBud and feel like they’ve entered a dodgy Barcelona cannabis club. Although it isn’t the cheapest place to enjoy Barcelona weed, it’s stylish and comfortable, and that means a lot!


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