How To Get Legal Marijuana In Barcelona

Legal Barcelona Cannabis Clubs
Legal Barcelona Cannabis Clubs

Priority for any serious cannabis enthusiast is always on their supply. The potent combination of THC and CBD cannabinoids can help resolve many ailments, whether physical or psychological. It can heal the sick and soothe the soul. If you are lucky enough to live in Barcelona, then you are blessed. If you are just visiting this Catalonian weed haven, then lucky for you it’s easier to locate weed in Barcelona than most metropolitan cities in Europe. But how do you go about getting marijuana in Barcelona?

As we see it you have two very distinct options. In this article we will take you through both of them step-by-step. Maybe you’ll think we’re joking but the points we are going to make in the next few hundred words about picking up cannabis in Barcelona are very serious. They just sound silly. Also remember that we would never tell you do anything illegal and definitely do not condone such activities.

Below is a brief list of things you need to know:

• You need to provide I.D. to join. It’s not a setup. Stop being paranoid. It’s fine.

• It’s still illegal to have it in the street. So, don’t think you are Bob Marley and start blazing up on Las Ramblas.

• You will be turned away if you turn up without applying for an invite first

If you are interested in finding out more about cannabis culture in Barcelona, then do some reading on our blog. We have more in-depth guides and info on our favourite cannabis clubs in BCN.

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