Head Shops in Barcelona

Head shops are the home of cannabis and recreational drug use across the globe. They have long been the provider of bongs, rizlas and pipes to a community of underground pleasure seekers. No matter where you are in the world there will always be a head shop close by. In some countries it’s just the local newsagent and in others it’s a cornucopia of hedonistic delights. Head shops in Barcelona are few and far between thanks to the relaxed laws around cannabis clubs in Barcelona. The city has hundreds of legitimate cannabis clubs that supply their members with bongs, pipes, rizlas and the all-important sticky green stuff. Here though we will talk about a few of the city’s major players and we’ll also point you at some grow shops. Growing cannabis in Spain is legal if you are a resident and you do it within the privacy of your own home. Just don’t put those cannabis plants on your balcony in full view of the street!

Wooden Grinders
Wooden Grinders

1. Natural Style Barcelona

Carrer dereixures, 29, 08003 Barcelona

Rolling Paper, Grinders and more
Rolling Paper, Grinders and more

Natural Style BCN is a head shop in the El Born district of Barcelona and is one of the most well-established shops in the city. They have a huge range of cannabis paraphernalia and some of the best CBD based products in BCN. They also have some bright and sparkly outfits in their ‘Women’s Corner’ so it’s a good place to stock up on bongs and funky summertime clothes if you’re a female with a penchant for getting high.

They are also stockists for a range of natural highs and tonics such as Acacia Confusa and Damiana. If you need bark extracts or natural remedies, then it’s a very conveniently located head shop in BCN. Alongside these offerings you can also find the usual e-liquids, ashtrays, pipes and even CBD tea should you need a medicinal brew. Reasonably priced and well established, it’s easy to see why this head shop thrives in the historic alleyways of Ciutat Vella.

2. Barcelona Legalize

Carrer del Rec, 50 – 08003, El Born, Barcelona
Carrer Montcada 2a – 08003, Barcelona
Plaza Josep Oriol 6 – 08002 Gótico

Barcelona Legalize is another head shop conveniently located in the historic and enlightened area of El Born. Nestled amongst the many Barcelona cannabis cafes and trendy bars this area is known for is another BCN head shop popular with the locals. Barcelona Legalize is as classy as it’s mission statement is. The glass cabinets and display areas show off a wealth of high quality paraphernalia and equipment to assist even the laziest of BCN stoners. One of the real selling points of the El Born head shop is that they sell Snoop Dogg vaporizers. The American rapper has made a name for himself in the vaporizing world lately and this is a convenient place in Barcelona where you can purchase the devices.

As you’d expect from a BCN head shop they sell a large range of CBD products, e-liquids, vaporizers and smoking accessories. They also sell cannabis seeds. Growing cannabis is not illegal in Barcelona, so long as it is within the privacy of your own home, so this is a great place to shop if you are thinking of getting your grow on. They stock high quality feminized seeds from Vision Seeds in a range of strains from well-known cheese through to less common strains like Royal Gorilla

3. Sativida

Carrer de Balmes, 129 Bis, 08008 Barcelona

Satvidia Products
Satvidia Products

Sativida isn’t strictly a head shop. It doesn’t sell rizlas, bongs or any of the other stoner accessories that you would expect to find in a Barcelona head shop. It is however worth a mention in this category as it does provide services for the head and body. They are specialists in CBD based products. CBD is well-known as one of the active ingredients in cannabis and is thought to, not only regulate the effects of THC, but also to provide numerous health benefits. It’s the CBD in cannabis that is thought to assist in the fighting of cancer. Unlike THC, CBD is not an illegal cannabinoid and therefore can be sold over the counter in most parts of the world.

One of the downsides of CBD being associated with the world of cannabis culture is that there are plenty of people willing to sell you substandard CBD products. That’s why a CBD specific shop like Sativida in BCN is worth a visit if you are looking to explore this medicinal compound. They have a focus on high quality CBD products and you can be sure that they are providing the highest quality CBD for their customers. They have creams, oils and other forms of CBD for you to purchase legally. If you are interested in CBD as a treatment for ill-health or ailments, then Sativida should be your first choice as a supplier in Barcelona.

Grow Shops in Barcelona

Cannabis GrowBox
Cannabis GrowBox

One of the reasons you won’t find a head shop on every corner in Barcelona – unless you count the newsagents – is that a lot of the head shop trade is covered by the BCN grow shops. If you need seeds, lamps, fertilizers or grow kits then you can just hit up your local grow shops. There are numerous grow shops all over the city, so we thought we would list a few of our favourites here. We’ve also tried to select a few that are in different areas of the city, so if you aren’t around El Born, then we’ve got you covered.

1. La Huerta Grow Shop

Travessera de les Corts, 48, 08903, L’hospitalet De Llobregat

La Huerta Grow Shop
La Huerta Grow Shop

This is a very popular grow shop with the BCN locals as it’s in the more Catalan residential area of L’Hospitalet. This area isn’t quite as popular with general tourists, although it can get busy when there is a football game, as this is where the stadium is based. You can see why this grow shop would thrive here as it’s a very residential area and the locals know their rights where cannabis is concerned. It’s legal for them to grow it in their own home. While El Born and the central area of the city is full of tourist-focused cannabis clubs, this area of BCN is undoubtedly full of thousands of personal grows. You can practically (and literally) smell the grows in the air.

La Huerta provides everything you need if you want to start growing. Whether it’s hydroponic or a simple soil system you have you eyes on, then La Huerta should be top of your supplier list. They sell everything from the nutrients and PH balancers for hydro systems, through to the timers and humidifiers needed to keep the plant happy. They also stock a huge range of seeds, so they really have everything you need to get started cultivating cannabis in BCN. They also sell the full range of vaporizers, grinders and smoking paraphernalia that a head shop would sell. If you’re in the area and need a grinder, they have your needs covered like any other BCN head shop.

2. Sant Yerbasi

C/ Berlinès, 4, 08006, Barcelona

Located in the Sarria-St Gervasi area of Barcelona, this grow shop is another that’s popular with the Catalan locals. Gracia and Gervasi are two more areas favoured by the local communities as they cheaper to live in than the central areas like Ciutat Vella. Arguably though, these areas have a more authentic local experience than the centre of the city and have some of the best bars and small music venues in the city. Holiday makers and city-breakers probably won’t stumble into these areas which is a real shame as they are some of the best in the city.

The Sant Yerbasi grow shop is another retail establishment that will cover all your cannabis growing needs. They sell everything for the amateur or professional grower, from seeds and fertilizer through to hydro systems and nutrients. Just like many of the other grow shops in the city they also act as a local head shop where you can buy bongs, grinders and rizlas. The high-quality service and product lines make this BCN grow shop one of the best in the city and worth a visit if you need some horticultural equipment. If your cannabis club is in this district then it’s worth a visit.

3. Growshop Barcelona

C/ Felip II, 207, 08027, Barcelona

Growshop Barcelona
Growshop Barcelona

The name of this establishment says it all. This El Born grow shop is focused on supplying the cannabis-friendly city of Barcelona with all they need to set up their own grows. Located in the heart of the BCN cannabis café district, this grow shop sells everything you need to get your grow started. Whether you need substrates, fertilizers, grow cupboards, lights or nutrients then they can help.

As with the other grow shops on our list they also sell cannabis paraphernalia and accessories. If you need a vaporizer, bong, scales or even a book on horticulture then this is a conveniently located shop. Maybe it’s a good idea to hit up this shop before you get too stoned though as the sheer array of accessories may be too much for your stoned brain to fathom.

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