Marijuana Barcelona (MBC) Review

Marijuana Barcelona Strains
Marijuana Barcelona Strains

Carrer dels Tres Llits, 10, 08002 Barcelona

MBC has many things going for it. It may look like your average Barcelona weed café but the way it is handled by the management team lifts it well above many of the other cannabis clubs in BCN. As of February 2018, they don’t have a single negative review on google and if you visit you will understand why. While they don’t have tyre swings or pool tables they do have something that a lot of clubs don’t – atmosphere!

Atmosphere – 5/5

The atmosphere at MBC cannabis club is probably its finest attribute. Whenever I visit this Barcelona weed café it has a great atmosphere. This is in part due to the nature of its clientele. Due to the location right in the heart of the gothic district, a lot of it’s members are from abroad. I’ve spent a lot of time chatting to interesting strangers in this BCN coffeeshop.

I also recently watched three people who barely spoke a common language having the best time getting absolutely smashed on bongs together. It’s everything that a Barcelona coffeeshop and weed social club should be. Everyone is there to get high and make new friends. If you visit MBC you will see this for yourself. It’s just one of those hyper-social cannabis clubs, which is a lot to do with the crew that run it – but we’ll talk more about that later.

Music plays a big part in the cannabis club environment for me and they do a very good job with it at MBC. It’s usually very chilled house and techno playing most days. Plenty of Boiler Room sets from YouTube and nothing too intense. Barcelona locals have a big thing about trap music but that’s not a part of the playlist at MBC. The tune selection at this Barcelona coffeeshop is always decent and inoffensive. It’s a great place to chill out and blaze a massive reefer without getting too paranoid.

Location – 4/5

As I previously mentioned it is right in the heart of the gothic district. Literally down a side street from Plaça Reial (the only traditional Spanish-style Plaça in Barcelona). Las Ramblas is the other side of the square and Plaça de George Orwell is a few streets away. If you want to get high and then wander around sightseeing this is a convenient spot for it.

Plaça Reial
Plaça Reial

There are some great bars in this area and the night life is good fun. It can be a little touristy for some, but for others it will be ideal. No one wants to walk miles out of their way for a quick spliff break, so as far as location is concerned this Barcelona cannabis club is doing well. It’s also really close to Liceu metro station, so you can hop on the Metro and get around the city very easily.

MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club


Editors Choice

MBC Marijuana Barcelona Club

Relaxed atmosphere, The products quality is outstanding

Strains – 4/5

The Chocolope strain at MBC is super tasty and worth your time. They also have a wide range of hybrids and hashes that you’ll find in most cannabis clubs in Barcelona. I’ve also found the hash selection to be better than most clubs. They have the usual array of pre-rolled joints for a contribution of 4 euros and I’ve found them to be super strong. They don’t skimp on the weed in the pre-rolled joints at MBC.

Marijuana Barcelona Club (MBC)
Marijuana Barcelona Club (MBC)

If you’re a fan of marijuana edibles, then the MBC coffeeshop will be like heaven for you. They have a whole host of cookies, lollies and other snacks in a huge cabinet just for you. I’ve never personally tried any of these as I’m more of a smoker but there always seems to be someone munching on a cookie in MBC. They usually look super stoned so my assumption is they are very strong.

Staff – 5/5

I’ve already said that the atmosphere in this Barcelona coffeeshop is always good and that goes hand-in-hand with the people that run the club. The crew that run the BCN cannabis club for its members are mostly Italian. They all seem to speak about four languages and they are super friendly. I’ve heard them talking to people in Italian, English, French and Spanish. Just another element of the service in the club here that makes the environment feel so friendly and welcoming to new members.

I’ve had plenty of good conversations with the crew here and they are always happy to answer questions. When you are joining a weed café in Barcelona the staff on the door at most clubs can seem a little bit reserved or tense. But at MBC from the moment you arrive they are smiling and having a nice time. They are always willing to speak to you and are probably the friendliest people I’ve come across running a cannabis club in BCN.

Facilities – 4/5

The main entertainment facility at MBC cannabis club is the projector and comfy sofas. The projector usually has some funny Netflix comedies on, however I’ve also seen them playing extreme sports videos before. I think they are very open with the projector, you could probably request what you want to watch as everyone is very easy-going. The sofas are very comfortable so it’s easy to get high and then dissolve in to the seats whilst chatting to a host of friendly strangers.

Until recently they had a dartboard which was a real treat, but on my last visit it wasn’t in the same place. I don’t know if they removed it because it got broken or if they just got bored of the sound of darts hitting a board all day long. This may be something you could request to have back if you become a regular member of the cannabis club. They are super friendly so don’t be afraid to ask at the counter if you have any questions.

If you like bongs, you’ll find the selection at MBC to be decent. They have them on a shelf near the sofas and you can just grab them whenever you want to use them. Many cannabis clubs in BCN will have their bongs behind the counter and you’ll need to request them, but at MBC they are a bit more relaxed about it. There is only a few but they always look clean, so it looks like they are taken care of regularly. Another little touch that you won’t necessarily find in all Barcelona weed clubs.

Quirks – 4/5

The main quirk that you will notice at MBC is to do with entry. If you are a cannabis club member who visits regularly and even have yourself a magic red keyring it won’t change. You need to take your I.D. with you every time you visit. This is one of those little things that changes depending on what club you visit and at MBC they are super vigilant about membership and rules.

When you first join they will take a photo of you, put all your details in their computer system and take a copy of your identification. Even with all this information, you still need to take your I.D with you on every visit. I have a friend who has been a member for over six months and he was still turned away because he didn’t have identification with him. They take this part of the club management very seriously. Marijuana Barcelona Club[/caption]

Cannabis clubs in BCN all have different rules and regulations that they enforce with different degrees of seriousness. It’s a good thing when a cannabis club is being this serious and rigid with their rules because it means you can trust they are keeping within the law. If you attend a weed café in Barcelona and they aren’t taking the rules seriously then it’s probably time to find a new place to chill. The fact that MBC are so vigilant about members and identification is a reassuring quirk that this BCN weed club takes the safety of the members seriously.

Another quirk worth noting is the tourist tax. As with most cannabis clubs in BCN, if you are a tourist you will pay a higher fee. At MBC it’s the standard 30% you will find in most Barcelona cannabis clubs. If you are living in Spain and can prove your residency then you’ll get the magic red keyring and be charged the regular price.


I personally think that MBC is one of the best clubs in Barcelona. The décor and the facilities won’t blow you away (some Barcelona coffeeshops have pool tables!) but the atmosphere is spot on. The crew that run the place are friendly and helpful and will probably give you some free sweets when you arrive. That nicely sums up the environment as well. This is a cannabis club for its members. They are not trying to rip you off or take advantage. They are simply trying to provide a nice place to spend time, meet new people and get the munchies. To say I recommend MBC cannabis club is an understatement. It’s one the most chilled Barcelona coffeeshops and, taking into consideration it’s location, that is surprising. If you went in to a cannabis café anywhere else near Las Ramblas you probably wouldn’t have a very good time. Top marks to the team that run this coffeeshop. The environment and welcoming feel of MBC are its top attributes.

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