Top 8 Things To Do While Stoned in Barcelona

You’ve enjoyed the delights of Barcelona’s thriving cannabis club scene and now you’re high. Super-high in fact. What are the top things to do while stoned in Barcelona? The Catalan city is overloaded with sights and sounds for tourists, but what’s good while stoned? In this feature we’ll aim to point you in the direction of some unique experiences. We’ve tried to keep all the experiences below in a relatively central location. Most can be easily reached from the centre of the city or at least by the convenient Metro system.

Top ideas on how to spend time while stoned in Barcelona:

  1. Clubs and Bars
  2. Go Record Shopping
  3. Hunt for Buskers
  4. Go to the Park
  5. Find Some Amazing Views
  6. Hit the Beach
  7. Art galleries, museums etc.
  8. Music Festivals

1. Clubs and Bars

Clubs and bars we recommend

Jazz Si – Address: Requesens, 3-5, 08001 Barcelona, Google Maps
Sincopa – Address: Carrer d’Avinyó, 35, 08002 Barcelona, Google Maps
Switch – Carrer de Francisco Giner, 24, 08012 Barcelona, Google Maps

Barcelona is well known for its varied music scene and you can find a good bar on nearly every corner. Usually two bars! The city is full of good venues but here we are going to recommend a few that stand out amongst the rest.

Suggesting a jazz bar may seem a little strange but how do you think this music became so popular? Everyone was stoned all the time (They’re not called jazz-cigarettes for no reason!). Jazz Si in El Raval has been open since 1992 and hosts not just jazz but also traditional flamenco performances. It’s usually only around 5 euros to enter and the lighting is low enough that the stranger on the opposite table won’t be able to tell how red your eyes are. A perfect combination for anyone rolling out of a BCN cannabis club in search of somewhere to relax.

Sincopa reggae bar is another Barcelona venue that has a tradition of supporting new and interesting acts. It’s also famously the bar that Manu Chao once had a stake in before an argument with the other owners. Probably best not to mention his name, but you can feel the international culture oozing from the walls in this place. Being a reggae bar, you can guarantee good music most days and no one will mind that you are so high you can hardly talk.

If electronic music is more your thing then you will have heard about the many famous clubs and bars all over the city. We’re going to recommend Switch, the venue that proudly touts itself as a pocket-club. It’s hosted many amazing techno acts over the years and continues to provide a line-up that many larger clubs would be jealous of. The pocket club is close to the Diagonal Metro stop or the Gracia Renfe stop. If you’re high and you’re in Switch then you are sure to find some great company.

2. Go Record Shopping

Music stores we recommend

Wah Wah Supersonic– Address: C/ Riera Baixa, 14, 08001 Barcelona, Google Maps
Discos Revolver – Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 13, 08001 Barcelona, Google Maps
Discos Paradiso – Address: 39, Carrer de Ferlandina, 08001 Barcelona, Google Maps

If you’re too high for the full-on nature of some music venues, then why not spend some time staring at strange record covers instead? Record shop owners tend to leave you alone and are usually happy for you to spend a few hours lingering in their premises. Barcelona has nearly as many record shops as cannabis cafes but here we’ve picked a few that we think are worth mentioning.

Wah Wah Supersonic is known for being at the stranger end of the music spectrum. Avant-garde and obscure music finds its home amongst the dusty record sleeves of this well-established Barcelona record shop. It’s been serving the vinyl addicts of BCN since 1992 and has likely played host to many a tourist too stoned to do anything else other than stare at the pretty colours on the records.

If metal and indie are more your bag, then you can check out Discos Revolver. If you’re more of an electronic music fan, then head over to Discos Paradiso. Both are excellent and just like Wah Wah Supersonic, the staff probably won’t notice how long you’ve been staring at the same two records trying to work out why they are looking at you funny.

3. Hunt for Buskers

For live music performances we recommend

Port VellGoogle Maps
Gothic QuarterGoogle Maps
Música Als Parcs – (June- August)

Maybe you’ve got no money because you spent it all on weed and edibles in a BCN cannabis club. Well that’s understandable. We’ve all been there. Luckily the Barcelona streets are littered with free music performances, especially in the summer months. The hot areas for buskers is usually around Port Vell and the Gothic Quarter. These areas are very tourist heavy, so you will find all kinds of buskers at all hours of the day. Port Vell and the beach area is typically populated with the modern bands, singer-songwriters and young performers. If you want something a bit more classical then the gothic quarter is usually brimming with flamenco guitarists and even the odd opera singer. These central areas are also great for access to the majority of Barcelona’s cannabis clubs.

In the summer months it’s also worth checking out the Música Als Parcs event. This event sees Barcelona’s parks filled with free live performances from accomplished musicians. A perfect way to spend the day after getting high in a Barcelona weed café.

4. Go to the Park

Parks we recommend

Parc de la Ciutadella – Address: Passeig de Picasso, 21, 08003 Barcelona, Google Maps
Parc Güell – Address: 08024 Barcelona, Google Maps

The parks aren’t just great for buskers. They are also pretty great places to meet new people and engage in relaxing activities like frisbee. No doubt there will probably be some local bands and musicians performing here as well. Music is never far away in BCN.

The main park we would recommend is the Parc de la Ciutadella. It’s within walking distance of El Born and it’s not too far from the beach. The vibe here is usually pretty good. You can always find somewhere to chill and there’s plenty of fun things to go look at. The boating lake is a particularly good spot to people watch.

You’ll hear a lot about Parc Güell, being that it’s one of Gaudi’s biggest architectural feats in Barcelona. It’s also a good spot to hang out. Although only at certain times of the day. If you’re an early morning or late-night smoker then the park is free to access before 8am. During the day you will need a ticket to get access to the main area. There is quite a large area of the park that you can also access for free and the views of Barcelona from the higher parts are excellent.

5. Find Some Amazing Views

City spots we recommend

Bunker del Carmel – AddressCarrer de Marià Labèrnia, s/n, 08032 Barcelona, Google Maps
Montjuïc -a hill in Barcelona, Catalonia, Google Maps

Aside from Parc Güell, there are many other fantastic views to be found in Barcelona. Some are located within the main districts of the city whilst some will require a bit more effort. It all depends how many bongs you’ve hit at your favourite BCN weed café. A favourite amongst many locals is the Bunker del Carmel which has some of the best views of the city. It is further away from the usual tourist area but can be easily accessed using the Metro. If you’re frequenting Greenardo cannabis café then it’s very close by.

Another favourite high-point in the city is Montjuïc, which has excellent views over the port and sea area. On top of the hill is Montjuïc castle and the adjoining tourist area was renovated for the 1992 summer Olympics. There is plenty to see in this area including the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc, Jardins Botanic de Barcelona and the Palau Nacional (originally built for the 1929 world’s fair. You can also catch the Teleférico from the top of Montjuïc which has spectacular views of the city for just a few hits on your T10 Metro card.

6. Hit the Beach

If you do decide to grab the Teleférico from the top of Montjuïc then you’ll end up next to the coast. From here you can access one of the many beaches that welcome hazy stoners all year round. The easiest to find and usually most densely populated is Barceloneta beach. The beach can get a little busy during summertime and is home to many pick-pockets, but it’s still worth checking out.

If you continue north along the coast, you’ll find numerous other beaches. The whole area is great for skating or taking aimless walks and you’ll never get lost if you keep the beach in view. There’s always plenty of interesting stuff happening along the boardwalk, from sand sculptures to BMX jams. As with any beachside city this is always a great place to be.

7. Wander around the art galleries, museums and architectural sights

We recommend

Caixa Forum – Address: Av. de Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 6-8, 08038 Barcelona, Google Maps
Picasso Museum – Address: Carrer Montcada, 15-23, 08003 Barcelona, Google Maps

It’s obvious, but you could always hit the tourist trail and attend one of the many museums, galleries and exhibitions all over Barcelona. Caixa Forum is a converted textile factory in the Montjuïc mountain area and is always free. It has paid exhibitions but there is always something to see for free. In the same area is Poble Espanyol, an open-air architecture museum located close to the Caixa Forum.

If that all sounds like too much walking and mental exertion, the galleries of Barcelona are usually free on Sunday afternoons or at least one Sunday every month The Picasso museum is a perfect place for a stoner to hang out. His style of art is meant for someone with an askew view on the world. As an advanced teenager Picasso went to art school in Barcelona and spent much of his formative years around older artists frequenting the brothels and drug dens of central BCN. The chances that he was as stoned as you whilst painting some of his finest works are… well… high.

8. Music Festivals

We recommend the following

Sonar – Dates: Jun 14 – Jun 16
MIRA festivals – November

If you are visiting Barcelona in the summer months, then there are an array of music festivals you can attend. Many of the attendees will probably have rolled straight out of a Barcelona cannabis café as well, so you’ll be in good company. Check out the current line-ups for Sonar and MIRA festivals to see some of the hottest names in electronic and live music in various venues around Barcelona. If you can’t enjoy yourself while stoned at a music festival, then frankly BCN may not be for you.
For more information on cannabis clubs in Barcelona check out our club reviews and other articles on cannabis culture in BCN.

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